Friday, September 11, 2009


RIOT Ink is a group of dedicated writers.

We are about the process, about getting ideas on the page and executed.

We are about language and the manipulation of words.

We are about revision, about constructing and breaking down, about looking at pieces.

We are about helping others experiment.


Every week RIOT Ink meets in a workshop environment where members of the group read and talk about writing they are working on and other group members give them feedback on concept and execution.

Aside from the weekly meetings, RIOT Ink releases litzines with selected work from a handful of writers, showcasing the talent of people within the group as well as others in the Austin writing scene. With the same goal of putting writers out into the community, we also host readings at various locations around the city.


This website serves a couple purposes:

1. For members of the group to post their work, and for others to give feedback in the event they cannot attend a meeting.

2. To relay information about group meetings and special events.


Go here for more specific information about the workshop and what happens at meetings.


Question and comments can be directed to our email:

because (dot) words (at) gmail (dot) com

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