Sunday, December 6, 2009

For Adam Braffman

This poem by Theodore Roethke made me audibly laugh out loud for about five minutes:

For An Amorous Lady

Most mammals like caresses, in the sense in which we usually take the word, whereas other creatures, even tame snakes, prefer giving to receiving them." -- FROM A NATURAL-HISTORY BOOK

The pensive gnu, the staid aardvark,
Accept caresses in the dark;
The bear, equipped with paw and snout;
Would rather take than dish it out.
But snakes, both poisonous and garter,
In love are never known to barter;
The worm, though dank, is sensitive:
His noble nature bids him

But you, my dearest, have a soul
Encompassing fish, flesh, and fowl.
When amorous arts we would pursue,
You can, with pleasure, bill
or coo.
You are, in truth, one in a million,
At once mammalian and reptilian.

1 comment:

  1. "would rather take than dish it out"

    - lol, every time